As the front man for a band that demands high energy for 3 hours at a time (our show) I felt I needed an edge when it came to my stamina and fitness. I needed proven straight ahead exercise and techniques delivered in a clear, precise, professional manner. I found what I needed in Martina. She quickly identified my problem areas and created a program that totally suited my needs. Her no-nonsense professional attitude and desire is inspiring and infectious. Martina's commitment to both her craft and her client's well being is a refreshing change to the cookie cutter mentality I have often encountered in the fitness world. My results have included increased lung capacity, increased flexibility, muscle tone and best of all, a sense of contentment with my health in mind, body and spirit. I owe part of my success to Martina and her program.

In short, it works!

~ Peter M Hammond "Loudlove" ~

I have been highland dancing for more than 18 years, and I recently wanted to try something new that would compliment my regular dance classes without the impact on my joints. Martina's Progressive Pilates was a perfect option as it challenges all muscle groups and offers a great workout without the repetitive impact that is experienced by dancers. Martina consistently demonstrates the exercises for all levels of ability so that participants can chose their own degree of difficulty and challenge themselves. I would definitely recommend her program to dancers as a great method of cross training, but also to anyone who is looking for a challenging complete body workout.

~ Erin Mansfield ~

I'm 33 years old. I have had back problems for the past 25 years. Growing up was really hard for me, because I have been told by doctors, that I could not play any sports without damaging my spine. I had been living in pain for practically all my life until I heard about Pilates through a friend of mine. Since I have been taking classes at Martina's studio, I have noticed a drastic change in my posture, my strength and endurance. I would strongly encouraged anybody to experience Martina's Pilates workouts.

~ Stephane Beaudry ~

I really enjoy studying Pilates with Martina. I feel that I am working muscles that I never knew I had and I feel a lot stronger. I also find that I have gained a better awareness of my body. Pilates is a great workout!

~ Andrew Szabo ~

I feel that with Martina's Pilates workout I am sculpting my body. I have become much stronger than before and even my parents and friends have noticed a difference. I enjoy practicing with Martina.

~ Masako Szabo ~

Every woman dreams of having a flat stomach. After three children and three C - sections I believed this was the impossible dream. Extreme diets always promised me these results overnight and never followed through. After doing Pilates for nine months I have not only flattened my stomach but I have got full body muscle tone. Martina has taught me discipline and physical fitness is the key to long term weight control and happiness. Progressive Pilates has changed my life. I am now training to be an instructor myself. Thank you Martina for challenging me to be all I can be. You inspire me daily and you have given me the ability to believe in myself. I will make you proud. Love Julie.

~ Julie MCDonald ~

I have always enjoyed an active lifestyle until I injured my back repeatedly. After attending my first class with Martina, I was immediately embraced with the idea of something new. At least twice a week I would participate in her class and slowly began to understand more about the secrets behind Pilates. Martina is an excellent instructor who actually enjoys sharing and teaching her experience and knowledge of Pilates with people. The classes seemed a little repetitive but I soon realized that this was essential in order to learn the proper form needed to obtain maximum benefits from each exercise. Now I was exercising muscles rarely used during a regular day sitting at my desk. Martina guides us through her routine of exercises and includes new exercises to test our abilities. It almost feels like having a lesson with own private instructor since she watches each student and provides subtle pointers to help everyone advance. She provides running commentary and the necessary feedback to ensure that each student performs to their own levels while making sure that we constantly improve. After class she is always available to answer any questions or recommend slight modification to accommodate the needs of individual students. Over the last 10 months I have seen major signs of improvement in both flexibility and strength. My back is much better and I now have the confidence to tackle activities from my youth with little fear of sustaining injury. If I arrive for a class with a little lower back pain I am guaranteed to leave pain free and a little wiser. Pilates has become part of my life and the increased energy gained from every class makes it easier for me to manage the stress and pressures of daily life. THANK YOU MARTINA

~ Jonathan Rose ~

Martina is a talented and enthusiastic teacher who knows how to motivate her students She always challenges them to do their best and the results are soon apparent. After only three months of classes, I was physically stronger, my posture was improved and my stomach noticeably flatter, something I did not achieve in a decade of aerobics. My motivation to continue this challenging regime was further strengthened by the dramatic improvement of the chronic lower back pain that dogged me for more than 20 years. Martina pays close attention to her students' every movement in class and nothing much escapes her keen eye! Her classes are tough and fun at the same time, and she provides excellent value for the money. I think of her as my lucky find.

~ Ute Thomas ~

I have been active since childhood, always involved in different sports. I've been a member of various gyms for 10 years and have never had better direction and motivation to achieve my goals before meeting Martina. She is an amazing teacher and advisor, and wants to see you achieve your personal goals as badly as you do. Although I still have fitness aspirations that I am working towards, I have never been so happy with my body and the results that I have achieved so far by working with Martina. It would be a shame for anyone to pass up the opportunity to work with such an amazing person. I challenge you to find someone who offers as much as she does. I will be sub-teaching some of Martina's classes in the near future and hope to make her proud. Martina is a pivotal person in my life and i couldn't imagine not having her as a friend and mentor.

If I don't say it enough, I appreciate everything about you.

Thank you for being who you are.



~ Ellen Fraiser ~

Martina is great. Her rigorous demands push students to challenging levels and teach willpower as well as physical fitness -- but she can also be entertaining and humorous, or gentle and relaxing.

I had reduced my activities due to a number of injuries and had reached the stage where I could hardly walk to the bus stop.

Martina taught me that what I needed to recover from my injuries was muscle strengthening. I had previously gotten some relief from chiropractors and physiotherapists, but Martina's muscle training is the real thing. I'm now able to go for hour-long walks and am hoping to be able to start dancing soon -- unthinkable for me just a few months ago.

Thanks, Martina, for bringing me back to a normal life and even an ability to do some things like pushups that not everyone can do.

~ Catherine Woodgold ~